BingBang Pty Ltd is an Australian based learning and development company who specialise in the areas of personal and professional growth and team effectiveness.

The name BingBang was born from the concept that all of us have regular creative bursts where good ideas are generated (Bing!), but we need a process and commitment in order to make them happen in reality (Bang!).

We like to think we can help you to turn an idea into a reality, through developing and engaging your people.

"Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to
our attention by external opportunities" - William Bridges

We provide colourful, fun and insightful learning through helping people understand more about themselves and their team environment. Our intention is help people have more awareness of their unique differences and those of others; to improve communication and to have more fun and confidence in doing it.

We provide services in a workshop format, conference setting, and internal training. We offer an integrated approach to learning through both workshop and/or a modular on-line e-learning programme. (Click on Products and Services for more information)

We are registered associates of Insights Learning and Development PLC, a global organisation based in Dundee, Scotland. BingBang Pty Ltd is qualified to administer and deliver Insights Discovery System in Australasia.

What makes BingBang different? We bring our creativity and unique style to the relationship with you, and we make our process memorable, fun and insightful.

BingBang can address development requirements in the areas of:

  • Change issues; reducing resistance and improving commitment to change

  • Cultural development - common language

  • Improving morale and motivation

  • Understanding people's different behavioural styles

  • Stress and conflict

  • Relationship building focusing on applications of customer focus; sales and leadership

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Coaching

"Excellent. Highly recommended to any professional who reports or has direct-reports"
Contact Centre, Energy Australia

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